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Torah Day School of Ottawa providing daily lessons for 100 students

By Rabbi Boruch Perton, Head of School, Torah Day School of Ottawa

On March 15, Torah Day School of Ottawa (TDSO), notified parents that it was temporarily closing its doors due to COVID-19. Within 48 hours, TDSO switched to an e-learning model for all students from kindergarten to Grade 8 …

The OJCS coronavirus diaries: Virtually open from day one

By Jon Mitzmacher, Head of School, Ottawa Jewish Community School

Three weeks ago, we launched a new chapter in our school’s journey. Whether it winds up being a three-week, five-week or rest-of-the-school-year journey is not yet clear. What is clear, however, is that because of the work …

Kanata expansion a highlight of recent growth at NCSY

By Miriam Perl, NCSY Canada

When several Jewish teens from Kanata attended last year’s teen Purim party, Rabbi Dave Rotenberg, NCSY’s Ottawa city director, saw an unexpected opportunity. Introducing himself to all new teens and asking what school they attend, many replied that they go …

Beth Shalom fund supports unique community projects

By Jane Ehrenworth Shore, Congregation Beth Shalom of Ottawa Legacy Endowment Committee

Last year, the Congregation Beth Shalom of Ottawa (CSBO) Legacy Endowment Fund Committee reached out to the Jewish community to raise awareness that our committee exists and was working very diligently t…

CHW ‘phantom tea’ to honour Laurence Wall

By Ruth Kahane Goldberg for CHW Ottawa

CBC Radio newscaster Laurence Wall is the honoree of the Canadian Hadassah-WIZO (CHW) 2020 Spring Tea in Ottawa. The tea, scheduled for Sunday, June 7, will now be a “phantom tea” because the COVID-19 pandemic prevents us from gathering together. H…