Submissions from members of our community. (Archived columns from Bulletin columnists).

Celebrating Andrea Freedman's leadership, contributions

Federation CEO Andrea Freedman leads by example. Here she is in a photo from the height of the COVID pandemic helping to hand out masks to various Ottawa organizations.

Chair of the Board of Directors of the Jewish Federation of Ottawa, Ian Sherman shares a special work anniversary message…

Ottawan shares fears for family in Ukraine

Worrying about her family in Ukraine, Ottawan Olga Streltchenko starts each day calling family members to make sure they are all accounted for. Among them are her cousin in Kyiv whose family sleeps in their basement, and her elderly uncle who is too frail to get to the bomb shelter. None of …

CHES: Committing to assist a family trapped in Afghanistan

By Sheila Hurtig Robertson

Photo: Sophia Mirzayee

Most Canadians do not know any Afghanis. We are, however, all too familiar with their country’s ongoing tragedies, including the current humanitarian catastrophe, which is well catalogued by the world’s media and social agencies. As the…

Jewish Olympian goes from Ottawa hockey to playing for China

Community member and hockey aficionado Irv Osterer shares the unusual tale of how a Jewish Olympian, who’s first international hockey experience was in Ottawa, ended up playing for China in the recent Beijing Games.

When the National Hockey League decided to withdraw from the Beijing Olym…

Painful symbols on our city streets; Learn how Federation responded

By David Sachs

These are difficult times for the Jewish community.

Just three weeks ago, we were traumatized by the synagogue hostage-taking in Texas. Two weeks ago, no sooner did we finish the mourner's kaddish at Ottawa's International Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony than we watched o…