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Shavuot – Let's celebrate all things dairy

By Pauline Colwin

Shavuot commemorates the day the Jewish people received the Torah at Mount Sinai.  Among the traditions, which include an all-night study session and the reading of the Book of Ruth, Jews customarily celebrate by eating dairy foods.

There are several explanations for th…

New Archives' podcast focuses on history of Federation

Photo: Archivist Teigan Goldsmith recording Episode 6 of 613Archives at Hot Shoe Productions recording studio, 2023.

The Ottawa Jewish Archives launches Episode 6 of their podcast 613Archives in time for Jewish Heritage Month, sharing the history of one of Ottawa’s oldest Jewish organizat…

Big Shot is a celebration of chutzpah and entrepreneurship

New podcast tells the stories of  Jews who succeeded against all odds, out of necessity, out of chutzpah, and out of purpose

Imagine if the walls of kosher delis could speak, what kinds of stories would they tell us? This is the imagination behind the new podcast, Big Shot, launched by Jew…

Vegan Asian food service gets OVH kosher certification

Kosher eggrolls. Enough said.

Chinese food lovers in the Jewish community can rejoice as we now have access to delicious kosher vegan Asian cuisine with Yugirolls. This family-owned vegan Asian food service has recently achieved a significant milestone by becoming kosher certified by the Ot…

Righteous Among Nations: A story of bravery

Yom HaShoah is commemorated throughout the world as the most significant day for Holocaust remembrance. On this day, we remember the six million Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust, and we invite the Jewish community and all Canadians to reflect on the past and continue to take a stand a…