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Local news and updates on the Jewish community of Ottawa.

‘Inclusion enthusiasts’ JOIN together to create positive change

(From left) Ruchama Uzan, Madeleine Hill Werier and Rabbi Deborah Zuker founded JOIN to advocate for the inclusion of special needs children in Jewish community life.

It is easy for memories to fade into nothing

Holocaust survivor Pinchas Gutter tells his story at the International Holocaust Remembrance Day program, Jan. 27, at Library and Archives Canada. (Dana Simpson)

Ottawa Police reinstates Hate Crimes Section

The National Holocaust Monument was defaced with thrown eggs on January 29. The incident occurred just two days after International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Ottawa Police were called to the scene and are investigating the incident as a hate crime.

What does ‘inclusion’ mean for Jews?

Folksinger Craig Cardiff and choir director Deborah Davis lead the Tamir Neshama Choir in singing Cardiff’s song, “Safe Here,” during Tamir’s Stepping Out in Style 2.0 fashion show, November 4, 2019 at the Canadian Museum of History. (Howard Sandler)

Shinshinim are a ‘living bridge’ between Ottawa and Israel

Shinshinim Hila Beldoch (left) and Shai Sagi. “When you come here, you come as you, but you also represent your country,” said Shai. “It’s a lot of responsibility.” (Dana Simpson)