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Music: Fearless songs and klezmer music from Broadway

Music: Fearless songs and klezmer music from Broadway

By Michael Regenstreif, Editor

SONiA disappear fear
By My Silence
Disappear Records

Sisters Sonia Rutstein and Cindy Frank founded disappear fear as a folk rock band whose material included a focus on socia…

Jewish identity is a theme of Daniel Goodwin’s latest novel

Author Daniel Goodwin’s lead character in “The Art of Being Lewis” rethinks the role of religion as part of his identity after growing up with an ambivalent attitude to his Jewishness.

Murray Citron translates the untranslatable

Murray Citron with copies of the Polish-language magazine Midrasz and the Merivale Yiddish Primer.

‘Behaviour’ by Darrah Teitel examines abuse on Parliament Hill

Playwright Darrah Teitel says Parliament Hill staffers will see themselves and their experiences reflected in “Behaviour.”

Book Review: How the Holocaust and a 2007 Muskoka murder affected a family

“The Crate: A Story of War, a Murder, and Justice” by Deborah Vadas Levison