Federation Report: Let’s unite virtually and build a stronger community

By Lyon and Cybele Hamburg – Co-Chairs – Annual Campaign event

Without question, it is fair to say that the Jewish Federation of Ottawa Annual Campaign event this year being restructured into a virtual mid-Campaign format brings to mind a plethora of feelings and thoughts that have likely never been associated with the Campaign ever before. Little did we know that when we accepted the role of Campaign chairs last year we would end up in this new altered existence of a global pandemic.

Now, as Canada grapples with this fragile dance of openings and closings to control the spread of disease and save lives, our community’s needs have changed and grown in size and direction such that we do not have the benefits of older road maps to navigate these challenges.

Israel’s national anthem, “Hatikvah,” resonates more powerfully today than ever before. Hatikvah is the Hebrew word for hope. A most fitting theme for the Jewish people who dreamed of a homeland for so many years. In a similar manner today, everyone is hoping. Hoping that their job is not lost, that their business survives, that their family and friends stay healthy, and most strongly that there will be an end to the pandemic as soon as possible.

But hope without faith is meaningless. We need faith in our friends and family that they will help us get through this. Faith in our leaders to exercise good judgment. Faith in each other and a higher power that all will be better one day.

However, while both hope and faith are important, they are useless without action. Every day, we must take action to survive this pandemic and make sure our community members and institutions are able to weather this storm and emerge stronger and more resilient.

The Annual Campaign is a way that each Jewish community member can participate and take action. Although we cannot be together in person, at least we can unite virtually and build a stronger community today and a better one for the future.

We hope you will join us for “Are we there yet? Mid-Way on the Highway with YidLife Crisis,” on Monday October 26 at 7 pm, and show solidarity. May we never lose hope, may we always have faith and use all our abilities and strength to take action to build a stronger community.

Visit this link to register for the event. Please register by noon on Friday, October 23 to ensure participation.