Federation Report: Friend-raising, fund-raising at new women’s event

By Lenora Zelikovitz and Jenny Shinder, Co-Chairs, Party with a Purpose

There are two things in life we can all agree are fun, memorable and meaningful. A party to celebrate, whether you host or attend one, and on a larger scale, having a purpose in life, something we all strive for. When you put those two things together it can only be an amazing experience. Well, that’s exactly what we have done. We are excited to introduce, “Party with a Purpose,” the new flagship women’s event for the Jewish Federation of Ottawa. This event, which replaces Federation’s Choices, promises a fresh platform and innovative concept, one we are sure will leave attendees feeling inspired, connected, accepted, fulfilled, and wanting to return for more.

What is Party with a Purpose? In a nutshell, it is a two-hour cocktail, hors d’oeuvre and dessert reception, focused on friend-raising and fund-raising. This women’s-only event is about schmoozing and connecting with both new and old friends, which is always a party. And it’s also about finding a connection for purposeful, targeted community fundraising. We are hopeful this new concept will help you in finding your “purpose” for your community. Three Jewish community programs will make a pitch – a short presentation showcasing their work and a specific need that those in attendance can connect with and directly support. All participants will then have an opportunity to make an immediate donation to their choice of the presented programs.

Our goals for Party with a Purpose are fourfold: 1. Enjoy a fun party! Take time for yourself to engage with old and new faces; 2. We want to try something new by educating, in a direct and powerful way, about some select and incredible programs and initiatives in our Jewish community; 3. We all know how important fundraising and tikkun olam is. We want to create fundraising opportunities for important community needs in an entertaining, targeted and meaningful way, by empowering the women of our great community with an opportunity to choose what and where their community support can be directed; 4. Lastly, we want to make the Party with a Purpose experience totally inclusive. All women in the community should feel welcome, regardless of affiliation, socio-economic background, or age.

As co-chairs of this new event, we are truly excited to welcome women in the Ottawa community to come out to Party with a Purpose. What’s the worst that can happen? You can come and enjoy a well-deserved drink and nosh with friends, catered by Creative Kosher Catering, and you can find out about some great community programs and initiatives that need your support.

Details for Party with a Purpose are below. Tickets are limited so please register as soon as possible!

Party with a Purpose will be held Tuesday, May 21, 7-9 pm, at Bayview Yards (RBC Foundry) 7 Bayview Road. Tickets are $18. At the event, your generosity will be sought for a donation of $18 or more during the “Purpose” portion of the evening. Tickets may be purchased online at http://jewishottawa.com/pwp. For more information, contact Tanya Poirier at tpoirier@jewishottawa.com.