MicroGRANTS needs YOU to apply…

Do you have a new and creative idea to connect people, actualize tikkun olam, and engage more people in Jewish life in Ottawa?
Since 2019, the Jewish Federation of Ottawa has been offering microGRANTS to help community members bring their ideas to life. To date, Federation has allocated over $250,000 to support creative, innovative, and social programs that make Jewish life in Ottawa better, whatever that means to you. What program would you love to see happen if only there was funding? 
This past year (2022-23) 35% of all microGRANTS were developed and hosted by individuals in our community. Meaning that 65% of grants were allocated to organizations. We want to tip the scales and encourage more individuals to apply for funding. What Jewish identity group do you belong to that would love up to 75% (up to $2500) of its program costs covered just for reaching out and connecting with other members of the Jewish community? 
This is Federation's lowest barrier grant, which offers seed funding for grassroots social initiatives that build our Jewish community. 
Some examples of funded programs include:
Sushi in the Sukkah
Israeli Women's Mimouna Celebration
Pre-Purim Wine Tasting for Young Professionals
Jewish Fraternity Tail Gate Party
Flower Arranging for Shavuot
Where can your creativity take you?
A networking event?
A knitting club?
An event to connect with other Jews of colour?
For more information on microGRANTS please visit the Jewish Federation of Ottawa’s website at www.jewishottawa.com or email Anne Read, Director of Community Collaboration at aread@jewishottawa.com.
Hear from event participants below - The community loves microGRANTS!

“The event was great! It is nice to be able to connect with young Jewish professionals in Ottawa, especially after the pandemic.”

"My kids learned a lot and it inspiried them to explore their Jewish identity."

"I take my hat off the organizers and volunteers for their dedication and hard work putting together these wonderful programs. Many, many thanks!!"