Harness the ‘Power of One’

Our community is facing rising antisemitism and challenges that we, our children, and our grandchildren have not faced in two generations. It’s a time when having the right information can mean the difference between feeling helpless and being able to make meaningful changes within our schools, governments, and workplaces. With the right information, we can each make our voices count. This is the Power of One.
The Jewish Federation of Ottawa has created an Advocacy page on its website. With the theme the power of one, community members can learn the impact of one-on-one conversations and what each person can do to make a
difference in this fight. 
Do you need information about how to write to a politician?
Looking for support for your child who is facing antisemitism in their school?
Want to access mental health services due to stress related to the war in Israel?
Struggling to have a difficult conversation with a neighbour or friend about how our community is feeling right now?
It’s all there. 
In addition, Federation has provided information about how to react and report antisemitic posts on social media and how to report incidents of antisemitism to the Federation, the police, or your local school board.
In addition, you can join our advocacy team. You can sign up and join over 100 community members in the fight to end misinformation and gain the support our community needs from local leaders. Through our “advocacy minute” you will receive a weekly email with a call to action that should take only one minute. It’s that easy to make a difference. 
Safety and security of our community is a primary goal of the Federation, but we can’t do it alone. Harness the Power of One.
For more information, contact Jodi Green, Communications and Advocacy Specialist.