A Purim spiel for the age of social media

If Instagram existed in Shushan: a Purim spiel for the age of social media:

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Jewish community throws a party to end all parties in Shushan today!

Dateline: SHUSHAN, 14th Adar, 500 BCE: Reporting live from the buzzing streets of Shushan, it's your go-to gal Dana Darvish, bringing you the inside scoop on what's shaping up to be the most epic plot twist since Moses parted the Red Sea!

Let's kick off this tale with a royal scandal: Queen Vashti, (you can follow her live tweets here @QueenVibes), gets the boot from the palace after she boldly joins the #MeToo movement, sending shockwaves through the kingdom. But fear not, Vashti—your feminist legacy lives on!

With the throne up for grabs, King Ahashverosh decides to host a beauty pageant to find his next leading lady. Meanwhile, enter our girl Esther, the ultimate influencer-in-the-making. With her killer selfies and savvy social media game, along with the support of Mordechai’s meme-machine, she's ready to take Shushan by storm.

But Esther's not just a pretty face—she's got brains to match. When she's not perfecting her social media presence, she's using her Insta platform to raise awareness about important issues facing Shushan, like women's rights and social justice.

However, things take a dramatic turn when the King's shady advisor, Haman, (Boo!) starts spewing antisemitic hate speech. Esther knows she can't stay silent, so she appeals to the Jewish Federation of Ottawa’s advocacy team who launch a political offensive with a community-wide email campaign. Meanwhile, on the down low, Esther slides into the King's DMs with a heartfelt plea for her people's safety.

And guess what? Esther's charm offensive (and community-backed advocacy) pays off big time! With a little help from her followers, she exposes Haman's (Boo!) evil plot and saves the day all while creating her own side hustle with personalized graggers for all those social influences who really want to make some noise. #GirlPower!

With the King's decree, Esther rallies her squad to defend themselves against their enemies, resulting in an epic, live-streamed showdown on the streets of Shushan.

So let's raise a glass and toast to Purim—the ultimate story of how social media savvy, good PR, and community togetherness can pay off! #FortheWin

From the heart of Shushan, this is Dana Darvish signing off with a Chag Purim Sameach! #HappyPurim #EstherSlayed #QueenVibes

- Dana Darvish is a fictional Ottawa writer created for this spiel. Any ressemblance to persons real or living is pure coincidence. 

Purim begins March 24. View the community calendar here to find a party near you!