Community sees rise in Tribute Cards

Sending a tribute card is like a "double mitzvah"

Whether in joy or grief, milestone life moments are being well observed by those who use the Ottawa Jewish Community Foundation’s tribute card program.  In fact, the Foundation has experienced significant growth in its tribute card program.  In 2022, the program increased by approximately 4%; with 1,567 cards sent and donations totaling $80,607. In the first two months of 2023 alone, the Foundation has already received 600 tribute donations, totaling $44,300.   

“We have a very engaged and caring community,” says Micah Garten, VP of Development for the Jewish Federation of Ottawa and the Foundation. “When someone in our community passes away, there is a dramatic increase in cards being sent in their honour. People care deeply and one of the ways they show this is by giving tzedakah.” 

The Foundation, which provides donors with giving vehicles to support and contribute to the long-term financial stability of the agencies that serve the Ottawa Jewish community, also continuously looks for ways to help families, particularly when they experience a loss.  For example, when a loved one has passed away and the Foundation is designated as a charity of choice, upon request, the family can be provided with a spreadsheet and mailing labels to make sending thank-you notes a little bit easier.  At painful and difficult moments, the Foundation provides practical assistance.  

With Passover around the corner, consider sending a greeting to family and friends or letting your seder hosts know how much you appreciate their hospitality, while also helping those in need or supporting Jewish education.   

And this is the beauty of tribute cards – you can honour someone at holidays and at seminal life moments; while at the same time, offering help to others. In essence, it is a double mitzvah!  

There are also so many options in terms of card designs and funds from which to choose.  When choosing how best to mark an occasion, some community members opt to use their own endowment fund or that of a loved one from which to send tribute cards. Others look to use the recipient’s fund or choose a fund supporting a specific organization that is important to them, such as Tamir or the Jewish Federation of Ottawa.  

Some donors prefer the easy-to-use online portal, while others prefer the concierge customer service approach and call the Tribute Card Associate, Solange Hosselet, at (613) 798-4696, ext. 274. You can choose an e-card or a printed, mailed card. Regardless of how you access the Foundation’s Tribute Card program, the experience should be seamless and the recipient extraordinarily grateful.