Matching campaign motivates, inspires community

The 2023 Annual Campaign has received a generous influx of support aimed to boost donations from an anonymous donor, who will be matching all new gifts and any pledge increases up to $10,000 starting today as part of a special one-week funding drive.

“While donors have so far been generous, people have been slower than normal to respond to canvassers,” said Micah Garten, Vice President of Development for the Jewish Federation of Ottawa and the Ottawa Jewish Community Foundation. “This matching campaign is important so that we pick up the pace to provide the agencies ample time to make plans based on their knowledge of how much the campaign will give them in needed funding.”

Matching gifts also allow donors of all kinds to feel good about their efforts, knowing that their gift has double the impact.  In fact, research shows that matching campaigns typically lead to a 22% increase in giving.

While the donor for this funding drive wanted to remain anonymous, they did tell the E-Bulletin why they stepped up with this gift. 

“To improve the community as a whole you need large and small projects — nothing worthwhile to try should not be attempted due to lack of funding,” they said. “By doing this we hope that the community will have more at-bats to make our community that much better.”

Campaign co-chair Josh Engel is thrilled a donor was prepared to step up and provide the matching funds. 

“Hopefully it motivates some donors to give more — if they know this specific donor is matching increases, it might motivate others to increase their gift during these difficult economic times,” Engel added. 

“It reinforces the message that there are still needs in the community and hopefully encourages people to look past their own challenges to consider those who need more than they do.” 

For co-chair Evelyn Silverman, the matching campaign will provide a boost of energy to canvassers. 

“It gives them an extra incentive to push hard this week and know that their efforts are doubled,” she said. 

Campaign manager Yudit Simmons said the matching dollars help to generate excitement and support in the community. 

“It boosts our fundraising revenue and donor confidence since their gift is maximized,” she said. “It helps build new relationships too.”

To participate in the matching campaign, visit here.

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