How to report campus antisemitism and connect with the Jewish community

By David Sachs 
While most Jewish students experience a welcoming, secure, and rich campus environment, post-secondary campuses have become a flashpoint for antisemitism. Modern antisemitism is pushed by lecturers in misleading and demonizing discussions on Israel; anti-Israel protests use violent imagery and even outright support for terror; and visibly Jewish students can be targeted for harassment.
There are two essential tracks for handling antisemitism, one externally, which means confronting or mitigating the antisemitism, the other internal, meaning strengthening Jewish identity and pride. Hillel Ottawa, which serves all Ottawa’s Jewish student community on three campuses, does both.
Hillel’s main function has always been internally focused. The Hillel House, located on Laurier Avenue, within walking distance of the University of Ottawa, serves as a vibrant hub for Jewish students on campus, offering a diverse range of programs, events, and opportunities for connection and growth. Hillel offers students a community to explore their Jewish identity, connect with peers, and engage in meaningful conversations. From Shabbat dinners to educational seminars, social gatherings to community service projects, Hillel Ottawa provides a welcoming space for students to grow personally, professionally, and culturally. 
Recently, they have picked up the mantle of supporting students, faculty, and staff to navigate the process of reporting and mitigating antisemitism. If a student experiences antisemitism, a critical response is letting the university know about it, even if you wish to remain anonymous.
“Reporting incidents of concern is essential for the administration to gain insight into the challenges students face, allowing them to implement effective measures and support systems to ensure the safety and well-being of all members of the campus community,” says Jamie Sweigman, director of Hillel Ottawa.
If you are facing challenges as a Jewish student, whether it is in the classroom, on the campus, social media, student politics, or union issues, please reach out to Hillel Ottawa to record and guide you through whatever you’re facing. Jamie’s email is
Reporting Antisemitism
If you are in immediate danger, please dial 911. 
If you are not in danger, police can also be contacted at 613-236-1222, extension 7300.
If the incident is hate motivated, you can report it to Ottawa Police Services here.
University of Ottawa:
For security issues, contact Protection Services at 613-562-5411, or email
For any incidents of abuse, harassment, or discrimination, contact the Human Rights Office. All reports are kept strictly confidential.
Likewise, the Office of the Ombudsperson provides a confidential service for academic issues, interpersonal issues, or problems with administrative processes.
For mental health support visit the Student Health and Wellness Centre
Carleton University:
For security issues, contact Security Services: 613-520-4444 (ext. 4444 from any campus phone) or email
For incidents of harassment, discrimination, or accommodation, email or call (613) 520-5622
For mental health support visit the Wellness Centre
Algonquin College:
For security issues, contact Campus Security:, or call 613-727-4723 x 5000
For incidents of harassment, discrimination, or accommodation, email or call 613-727-4723 ext. 6835
For mental health support visit the Health and Wellness Centre
Hillel Ottawa tracks and responds to antisemitism:
Hillel Ottawa tracks incidents of hate, online as well as in real life, to measure and combat antisemitism. Visit here to report incidents of hate. Please be specific and include as many details as you can remember.
- David Sachs is the Community Relations and Antisemitism Specialist for the Jewish Federation of Ottawa. He can be reached at