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Holocaust historians call shredding of death records by Hamburg archives ‘catastrophic’

(JTA) – The Hamburg State Archive shredded millions of death records, including those dating from the Nazi era.

A historian of the Holocaust called the records’ destruction “catastrophic.” [Read more…]


Pope urged to speak out against construction atop a Vilnius Jewish cemetery

(JTA) – Pope Francis is being urged to protest a Lithuanian government plan to build a conference centre atop a former cemetery.

Dovid Katz, a professor of Yiddish who runs the Defending History group and website, made the appeal in a statement ahead of the pope’s planned visit Sunday to the Vilnius Ghetto, the part of the Lithuanian capital where the Nazis and their local collaborators crammed thousands of Jewish during the Holocaust before murdering them. [Read more…]


Bloody prayer shawl from Yom Kippur pogrom found in former Lodz ghetto

(JTA) – Part of a blood-stained prayer shawl from a 1940 Yom Kippur pogrom was found in the former ghetto of Lodz, Poland and brought to Israel, its finder said.

The part of the shawl, or tallit, is a decorative collar known as an atarah. It was discovered this month by a worker with the Shem Olam Holocaust museum near Hadera in Israel under the wooden floor of a structure that used to be part of the Jewish ghetto of the central Polish city, Israel’s Channel 2 reported Friday. [Read more…]


After foot-dragging, Romanian Holocaust victims got $10 million since 2015

(JTA) – Romanian Holocaust survivors have received $10 million US in payments since 2015, the World Jewish Restitution Organization (WRJO) said.

The funds have been distributed to thousands of recipients from that country, which after decades of resistance and foot-dragging has in recent years taken some major steps toward offering compensation to victims of the genocide perpetrated by its former ally, Nazi Germany, and local collaborators. [Read more…]


Dutch Islamist politician says Yom Kippur fast won’t atone for Israel’s sins

AMSTERDAM (JTA) – A Dutch Muslim politician who has prayed for Allah to “exterminate the Zionists” said that a day of fasting on Yom Kippur will not suffice to atone for Israel’s sins.


Arnoud van Doorn, a lawmaker of The Hague’s city council for the Islamist Party for Unity, wrote on Sept. 18 on Twitter: “Israel celebrates Yom Kippur tomorrow. I’d make it a month. One day to reflect on all its errors and regret them is not enough.” [Read more…]


France to open Dreyfus museum at Emil Zola House, historian says

Alfred Dreyfus, circa 1900. A Jewish captain in the French Army, Dreyfus was wrongly accused of treason and imprisoned on Devil's Island. Hhe was acquitted in 1906. (Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Alfred Dreyfus, circa 1900. A Jewish captain in the French Army, Dreyfus was wrongly accused of treason and imprisoned on Devil’s Island. He was acquitted in 1906. (Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

(JTA) – Preparations are underway for opening a state museum in France for the wrongly prosecuted Jewish army officer Alfred Dreyfus, a prominent historian said.

The Dreyfus museum will open next fall inside the Emil Zola House in Medan in suburban Paris, which is a monument comprising a museum that opened in 1984 for the author, who championed Dreyfus’ cause. [Read more…]