1. Eden Nameri says

    Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful columns. Maybe you didn’t change any minds, but you refuted the notion all Canadian Jews think alike.

  2. Mohammed Hammad says

    Hello Ms. Sucharov,

    I was one of your students in Carleton University a way back. I am very entrigued by the balanced approach you wrote above, especially on Israeli Politics. please keep up the good work to acheive a lasting peaceful solution.

    Mohammed Hammad

  3. Natalie Stern says

    Mira, for me and many others yours has been a voice of reason, always looking at different sides of the multi faceted topics you wrote on. Did you manage to change deep routed opinions in the local community? Maybe not. But hopefully your column was read by many of differing opinions, and you gave pause, and led people to discuss.
    Your departure is a loss, at a time when we as a community should be encouraging and supporting the next generation of our leaders.
    Good luck in your future endeavors. Please keep on challenging us. We need people like you.

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