Texas kayak company loses contract for slurring Jews, Mexicans

(JTA) – The city of Fort Worth, Texas ended ties with a kayak rental company that posted Facebook messages ridiculing white women, Jews and Mexico.

Fort Worth Kayak Adventures, which rents kayaks at the Fort Worth Nature Center, wrote the offensive Facebook post while trying to explain why it recently had to double its rates, NBC5 reported.

One Facebook post read: “To all you broke-ass hateful know-it-all white women and Facebook trolls that think they are going to J** us down…” After readers complained, the owners deleted the most offensive parts but added this: “The price is set in stone so stop wasting your time. This is NOT Mexico.”

The owners apologized in an interview with NBC 5 on June 16.

“We’re truly, truly sorry for everything that was said,” said Lori Tenery, who runs the business with her husband, who, she said, is Jewish. “We hope that you will find it in your hearts to forgive us and give us a chance again and make it right.”

Her daughter, 17, also apologized. “I can understand completely why people are upset and I make a public apology to that,” the daughter said. “The whole Mexico thing was referring to prices, not people.”

On Wednesday, a post on Fort Worth’s Facebook page said the city “is in the process of terminating our agreement” with the kayak rental company. The city said the company uses the city-owned nature centre in exchange for sharing its profits.


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