Israeli intelligence reportedly discovered Russian hack into U.S. classified documents

(JTA) – Israeli intelligence discovered that Russian hackers were using antivirus software to steal classified information from the United States, The New York Times reported.

The antivirus software is made by a Russian company, Kaspersky Lab, which is used by 400 million people worldwide, including officials at about two dozen American government agencies. [Read more…]


Israel-Russia trade leaps by 25%

(JTA) – Amid tightening of economic cooperation between Russia and Israel, their trade has grown in 2017 by 25 per cent, officials from both countries revealed.

The increase in the first six months of 2017 was over approximately $380 million US in trade exchanged hands between Russia and Israel in the corresponding period the previous year. [Read more…]


Jerusalem hospital for disabled children to help ‘sorely lacking’ treatment in Russia

(JTA) – In a move designed to address the growing plight of disabled Jewish children in Russia, their community paired up with an Israel-based world-leader in treating their problems.

The Sept. 14 signing of a cooperation agreement between Shalva, an Israeli organization with over 25 years of experience in treating children with disabilities, and the Russian Jewish Congress followed the 2015 discontinuation of services for hundreds of thousands of disabled persons in Russia in the framework of a health reform that critics say is cruel. [Read more…]


Four synagogues open in former Soviet Union ahead of Rosh Hashanah

(JTA) – Ahead of Rosh Hashanah, four Jewish communities in the former Soviet Union celebrated the opening of synagogues in an effort to boost cultural and spiritual activities for congregants, or commemorate Jewish heritage.

Of the new synagogues that were opened in recent weeks in Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania, the most unusual was the reopening, following extensive renovations, of a blue wooden structure that is the oldest known synagogue in Birobidzhan – a city which is the capital of an area established in 1934 by Joseph Stalin in Russia’s Far East on the border with China in a failed bid to compete with the Zionist project in pre-state Israel. [Read more…]


Firebomb hurled at Russian Jewish group’s Moscow offices

(JTA) – A firebombing at the Moscow offices of the largest Jewish organization in Russia caused minimal damage and no injuries.

Footage from the incident Monday night at the offices of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia showed a person whose facial features are not clearly visible throwing the firebomb and fleeing as it bursts into flames, the online edition of the L’Chaim Jewish newspaper reported Wednesday. The offices are adjacent to the Marina Roscha Synagogue. [Read more…]


Grave of influential Yiddish writer and Soviet resistance fighter discovered at former gulag

(JTA) – Researchers from Israel and Russia discovered the grave of an influential Jewish writer and resistance fighter who perished in communist purges at a former Soviet camp for political prisoners.

The final resting place of Pinchus Kahanovich, an anti-fascist fighter and one of the 20th century’s most influential writers in Yiddish, was found earlier this month near the coal mining village of Vortuka, located in Russia near the Arctic Circle. [Read more…]


Iran is entering Syria where Islamic State leaving, Netanyahu warns Putin

(JTA) – Iran’s effort to establish a military base in Syria “poses a danger to Israel, the Middle East and to the entire world,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Mr. President, we are all winning a tremendous international effort for Daesh, and this is welcome, but what is not welcome is that in places where Daesh is leaving, Iran is entering,” Netanyahu said Wednesday in front of reporters at the start of a meeting with Putin in the Black Sea Russian resort town of Sochi. Daesh is another term for the Islamic State. [Read more…]


Netanyahu-Putin meeting to tackle Syria cease-fire deal

JERUSALEM (JTA) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin, meeting for the sixth time in two years, are expected to discuss the cease-fire agreement in southern Syria and Israeli fears over the deal.

Netanyahu and Putin are scheduled to meet Wednesday in the Russian city of Sochi, located on the Black Sea, the Prime Minister’s Office announced in a statement Saturday night.  [Read more…]


Israeli defence chiefs heading to Washington for talks on Syria

(JTA) – A delegation of Israeli defence officials will reportedly visit Washington, D.C., later this week to discuss Israel’s security needs concerning Syria and Lebanon with their American counterparts.

The talks will not address U.S. President Donald Trump’s nascent push for Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, a senior White House official told the Israeli daily Haaretz. [Read more…]