Polish alderman wants pogrom’s reference deleted from historical graphic novel

(JTA) – A Polish alderman is seeking the removal of references to anti-Semitic violence in the history of Bialystok from a graphic novel about the city.

Marek Chojnowski, who represents the ruling Law and Justice party on the Bialystok City Council, was quoted this week by the news site Onet as protesting references to a 1906 pogrom in the booklet published with municipal funding.  The 2014 booklet commemorates Ludwik Zamenhof, a Polish Jew who invented the international language Esperanto. [Read more…]


Jewish group gets information on mass graves with appeal on radio station accused of anti-Semitism

(JTA) – A Jewish group’s appeal led hundreds of radio listeners to provide information about mass graves and burial sites of Jews to a Catholic radio station that has been accused of promoting anti-Semitism.

Some 300 calls have been received by the call center at Poland’s Radio Maryja with information about sites of mass executions of Jews, stolen tombstones and unknown hiding places of Jews during the Holocaust, according to the From the Depths group, which made the appeal for information last week and again Wednesday on Radio Maryja. [Read more…]


U.S. Holocaust issues envoy urges Eastern European nations to return stolen Jewish property

(JTA) – The U.S. special envoy for Holocaust issues urged Eastern European nations to honour their largely unimplemented promise from 2009 to offer restitution for property stolen from Jews.

Thomas Yazdgerdi made the appeal at a high-level conference Wednesday in Brussels on restitution, where special attention was devoted to the 2009 Terezin Declaration. In that statement, many European countries for the first time vowed to resolve Holocaust-related property claims. Many of them, however, have not followed through. [Read more…]