Dutch Railways to examine compensation for Holocaust victims, descendants

AMSTERDAM (JTA) – The Netherlands’ national rail company said it would set up a commission of inquiry to see whether it should compensate Holocaust victims for its role in the Holocaust.

Dutch Railways announced its plan Tuesday in a statement that said it “during World War II operated trains in service of the occupation” by Nazi Germany and that this is “a black page in the history of our country and our company.” [Read more…]


43% of Dutch Jews say they hide their ethnic identity

AMSTERDAM (JTA) – Nearly half of 557 respondents in a survey of Dutch Jews said they were afraid of identifying as such.

Of the respondents, 43 per cent said they take active steps to hide their Jewish identity, such as wear a hat over their kippah or hide Star of David pendants.

Many respondents cited their perception of a rise in the prevalence of anti-Semitic sentiment, with 48 per cent saying they avoid situations where they suspect they may be exposed to anti-Semitic reactions.

The results of the survey were published Monday. [Read more…]


Dutch prosecutors drop Jewish community leader’s assault complaint

(JTA) – Dutch prosecutors ended a police investigation into the alleged assault of a Jewish community leader, explaining that it would be too expensive to follow through.

The Prosecutor’s Office in The Hague announced its decision last month about a complaint filed in July by the chair of the Hague-based CiJo Jewish group, Hidde van Koningsveld, against Paul Mason, a British journalist, over an incident at a political rally that featured British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. [Read more…]