German court again convicts Holocaust denier Ursula Haverbeck

(JTA) – Ursula Haverbeck, a well-known historical revisionist and neo-Nazi, was convicted again of Holocaust denial.

Haverbeck, 88, was sentenced in a Berlin district court on Monday to six months in prison, Deutsche Welle reported. In January 2016, she said at an event in the German capital that the Holocaust did not occur and there were no gas chambers at the Auschwitz concentration camp, which she said was a labour camp. Haverbeck said she will appeal the conviction.

Holocaust denial is illegal in Germany. [Read more…]


Ben Kingsley playing Adolf Eichmann in film about Nazi’s capture by Israel

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (JTA) – Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley is in Buenos Aires filming a Hollywood movie about the capture of Adolf Eichmann by Israeli agents.

Kingsley, a British actor, is starring in “Operation Finale,” which chronicles the notorious Nazi’s life as Ricardo Klement living in the Argentine capital after World War II and the Mossad operation to capture him. Chris Weitz, a producer and writer known for “Rogue One” in the “Star Wars” series, is the director. Filming will last one more month in greater Buenos Aires area. [Read more…]


Anti-Semitic incidents at British synagogue, Rome and Paris schools, and Holoicaust monument in Germany

(JTA) – Anti-Semitic graffiti was daubed on a sign of a synagogue in northern England and, in three separate incidents, outside schools in Rome and near Paris and on a Holocaust memorial monument in Germany.

Earlier this week visitors to the Etz Chaim synagogue in Leeds discovered a swastika and the word “kikes” spray-painted on a sign affixed to the synagogue’s perimeter fence, the Jewish News of London reported Wednesday. [Read more…]


Attacks on German synagogue ‘may have been anti-Semitic,’ police say

(JTA) – Weeks after two attacks on a synagogue in Germany, police in the city of Ulm say the motive may have been anti-Semitic.

State security officials are investigating incidents on Aug. 26 and Sept. 2 in which one or more perpetrators kicked at the facade of the New Synagogue and later rammed it with a metal post, breaking through the outer wall. According to reports, repairs will cost several thousand dollars. [Read more…]


Germany drops case against former Auschwitz medic, 96, in what could be last high-profile Nazi trial

(JTA) – In what could be the end of high-profile Nazi trials, a German court officially dropped its case against a 96-year-old former Auschwitz medic because he has dementia.

The decision on Tuesday came after Hubert Zafke was found unfit to stand trial for his role in the murder of more than 3,600 people at the Nazi death camp. German prosecutors submitted a motion last month to the Neubrandenburg state court asking it to dismiss the case. [Read more…]


Rising anti-Semitism in Germany is work of the far right, says government tally

(JTA) – Right-wing extremists have committed the vast majority of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel offences in Germany, which have seen a slight rise over the corresponding period last year, according to a government report.

Of the 681 incidents reported from January to August, 92 per cent were committed by right-wing extremists, the Ministry of the Interior report said. In 23 cases, political motivations such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were involved. [Read more…]


Berlin mayor pledges crackdown on BDS

(JTA) – Berlin’s mayor will block the use of city venues and funds by groups or event organizers that support the boycott movement against Israel.

The move, announced Wednesday, followed pressure by the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, which had threatened to put Berlin Mayor Michael Müller on its annual list of 10 worst anti-Semitic incidents for his alleged failure to strongly condemn BDS and other extreme anti-Zionist activities in the German capital. [Read more…]