British government proposes guideline to prevent municipal boycotts against Israel

(JTA) – The British government has unveiled a proposed guideline that is meant to counteract and prevent the passing of resolutions in favour of boycotting Israel by local municipalities.

The Department for Communities and Local Government published its plan for ending such initiatives on Monday in a leaflet containing proposed additions and revisions to a document titled the “Revised Best Value Statutory Guidance,” which offers guidelines on various issues pertaining to local government, including procurement policies.  [Read more…]


Israel boycott defeated in 2 Spanish courts

(JTA) – Spanish courts reversed two municipal resolutions on boycotting Israel and approved a criminal investigation into possible discrimination by organizers of a music festival who sought to bar the Jewish singer Matisyahu.

The rulings passed by the local councils of Xeraco and Olesa de Montserrat were issued independently last month by courts in Valencia and Barcelona, according to a report last week by the pro-Israel ACOM group, which has obtained similar reversals in at least a dozen other Spanish municipalities in recent months.  [Read more…]


Citing ‘foreign policy interests,’ Switzerland withholds data on funding for BDS groups

(JTA) – Citing a desire to avoid harming the foreign relations interests of Switzerland, the country’s foreign ministry is withholding information on Swiss funding for promoters of boycotts against Israel.

An official from the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs sent the unusual refusal and its reasoning earlier this month to NGO Monitor, an Israel-based organization that compiles and publishes information on funding for organizations that describe themselves as human rights groups and other nongovernmental entities active in Israel and the Palestinian territories. [Read more…]