Rio mayor joins 9,000 at city’s first Jewish street festival

Rio Mayor Marcelo Crivella, in white, at the Rio Judaico Fest, Oct. 22, 2017. (Rio City Hall)

Rio Mayor Marcelo Crivella, in white shirt, at the Rio Judaico Fest, Oct. 22, 2017. (Rio City Hall)

(JTA) – The mayor of Rio de Janeiro joined some 9,000 Jews and non-Jews at the debut of a Jewish street festival in the city.

“Respect for all religions is fundamental in a city that is already experiencing anomalous violence. And we do not need any kind of religious phobia. The fact there are so many people here who are not from the Jewish community is a demonstration of the tolerance that must exist between all religions,” said Rio’s mayor, Marcelo Crivella, an openly pro-Israel evangelical Christian.

The Fest Rio Judaico was held Sunday at a city square at the heart of Ipanema, one of Rio’s most upscale neighborhoods and home to hundreds of Jewish families. The day-long event, which drew massive media coverage, featured Jewish culture and traditions, including music, dance, cinema, literature, science, food and more.

“The Hebrew culture moves me. It has a special meaning. It is a millenial people who have seen the greatest atrocities, persecutions and resurgence as an extraordinary nation in culture, science, defense, and also democracy. Being here today is a way to celebrate all this,” Crivella said.

According to organizers, it was the largest outdoors Jewish gathering ever held in Brazil’s second largest city, which is home to some 30,000 Jews. Previous large Jewish events were held indoors for security reasons.

“Bringing Judaism to the public square is fundamental in combating anti-Semitism. Those who know us respect us; those who do not know us are more susceptible to prejudice,” Osias Wurman, Israel’s honorary consul in Rio and a former president of the Rio Jewish Federation, told JTA.

In July, Crivella laid the cornerstone of a long-awaited Holocaust memorial in Rio. Two months before that, he spoke up for Israel before some 2,000 people during a celebration of Israel’s Independence Day held at a Jewish sports club.


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