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  1. Elly Bollegraaf says

    I believe that Roger Grunwald’s statement that “It was the American movement which provided inspiration for the Nazis’ forced sterilization” (while such activities in the medical setting may have been in existence in the USA ), the Eugenics actions were already in action by Germany long before. Another comment regarding the acceptance of Eugenics, Mr. Grunwald gives the example of the Americans, but he could also have pointed a finger at Canada, and in particular Alberta, where forced sterilization was still practiced until the mid-1970th.

    Just as the Dutch, the French and the British went to Africa to colonize various regions, so did the Germans. It is extremely well documented in the literature, what the many thousands of German soldiers in South Africa did to the Herero and the Naama people in South Africa and Rhodesia. They practically murdered off these primitive peoples entirely. The orders were given by the German leaders, to annihilate these ” primitives”, as these people did not want to relinquish their lands to the invaders. Heads were cut off and sent to Germany for further study. Even today the remains of many of these people are in storage in Germany.

    I thought that I should add this bit of important historical information. If you want to publish it, that is fine with me. People need to know these facts.

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