1. Manors Orphanos says

    OMG what a wonderful story for a wonderful family that I know and respect in our Hellenic Community of Ottawa!! I am so proud of Mr. Antonios Hatzis and his wife!! May they RIP and I am so proud of them for what they did to the Jewish neighbors in Greece!!

  2. Meni Reklitis says

    Knowing this family my entire life and loving them like family and I never knew of this incredible story. I also remember Mr. Hatzis and what a kind and gentle man he was. It is truly a privilege to know them all.

  3. Rev. Fr. Alex Michalopulos says

    When we speak of Heroes, these are the individuals who deserve to be called Heroes.
    They put their family’s lives on the line to save others.
    The Holocaust was a horrible time in history which should never be repeated. Unfortunately the world is still suffering from these types of atrocities.
    My love and prayers are extended to the families that suffered the Holocaust, to those that perished and to those who survived. We also offer our prayers and gratitude to the entire family of Dimitra Georgiou and Antonios Hatzis.

    As the priest of the Greek Orthodox Church in Ottawa, I’m honoured to have these families as my parishioners.

    Blessings to all.

    Fr. Alex Michalopulos

  4. Maria Hatzis says

    I think what they did is extraordinary. My surname is also Hatzis and now I am wondering if they could be related to me!

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