1. Kivi Shapiro says

    Thank you to Federation and CIJA for holding these meetings, and sharing the results.

    It feels incomplete that only three parties were represented. Depending on which part of the city you’re voting in, there are between three and five more parties on the ballot. They may not have seats in the legislature at this time, but how are they supposed to get those seats, and enrich our political discourse, if they’re excluded from the conversation?

  2. Dani Schwartz says

    The Greens are a fringe party at best in Ontario that will come in fourth or worse in every riding; just as they have in the past. Including the Greens and other fringe parties in debates is a waste of time.

    • Alex Hill says

      Now that the Greens have elected an MPP in Guelph (not to mention an MP to Parliament and six other MLAs in BC, NB, and PEI) I hope that the Greens will be included in future community meetings and debates.

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