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  1. William Goldstein says

    …this was a heavy blow to me – I went to sleep elated at the articles on all the English language news sites that Ayelet and Naftali had succeeded in their attempt to pass the minimum required to make it into the Knesset, and rose in the morning to read the opposite – yes, I like many others failed to cover my head with aluminum foil before falling off to sleep. There was probably some sort of “inside” manipulation here by persons against the New Right. The problem is that this could not happen in a really free democracy – but there you go. I lived in Israel four years in ’68 t0 ’72 – my son and three grand children were born there. I visit occasionally. Despite an incredible development physically and technically in Israel, the society as a whole – the vibrant – laughing – human decency – outgoing – Israel I remember has all but disappeared. Social and moral erosion has taken place to a very large degree. Very sad. Some of the best representation of the good I remember of Israel, came from Naftali and Ayelet. This along with many other bitter events became a disgusting failure – an insult – an injustice – a catastrophe – where a shining miracle like the New Right was voted down – something like the Jews who crossed the Red Sea saying “hey let’s go back to Egypt – better conditions there”. As I recall, Moses actually gave his followers a choice about that in the desert. You know, in a way, Modern Israel has become the Egypt of the biblical past – it has – it actually has.

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