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  1. Mira Liebman says

    I write this response as a mother of three and an alumnus of a Jewish Day School in Montreal. I write it also as a parent of children who attended two day schools in Toronto. Most importantly, I am the mother of a current student at OJCS.
    Comparing a day school education to a public school education is neither simple nor entirely fair.
    For me, Jewish day school is different from public school in two important ways. It is private and it is Jewish.
    At all Jewish Day schools, children experience a high quality and rigorous curriculum which is designed to prepare them for any future high school they chose. They are taught a curriculum, amongst their peers, whose parents have also chosen this high level rigorous education for their children. Without getting into specifics, a Jewish day school graduate is prepared for high school and beyond. There are countless ways this happens each day: small class sizes, enrichment, individual supplementation, field trips, chess club, etc.
    Jewish day school is also Jewish school. Each school may have a different slant, but, generally speaking your child will learn about Jewish religion, Hebrew and Israel. They will be immersed in surroundings that are Jewish with Hebrew letters on the wall, prayer in the morning time and an overall Jewish approach. As a smart person recently said, there would be no OJCS if not for the J.
    For me, these two parts combined, made my decision to send my son to OJCS an easy one.
    Seeing the smart, confident and happy boy he is since he began in September has made my decision to re-enroll him there an easy one.
    You can receive a high level education and a Jewish education by adding Jewish afternoon school to a secular education, but for me, the whole is not equal to the sum of its parts.
    I encourage all who attended a Day School themselves to look back at their education and to visit OJCS and then to make their own very educated decision for themselves.
    If teaching your child about Judaism is of interest to you, and if the high cost is at all manageable for your family’s finances, then I highly recommend sending them to OJCS.
    As for the early closures on Friday, this, for me, is a small hurdle to jump for all the benefits I receive in return.
    I agree whole heartedly that “one’s community becomes made up of those with whom your child attends school.” I would only add synagogue to this, since synagogue attendance also gives your family another community to be a part of. I feel blessed to have been welcomed into the OJCS community and I look forward to (hopefully!) welcoming you and many others next year!
    Dr. Mira Liebman

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