1. Roman Mukerjee says

    I am proud to be in a fully and unique Canadian family with my intercultural identity as joint East Indian ( from father) and Slovak ( from mother) who was born in the Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia, with a Nazi birth certificate (1943). I then grew up to school in India and then come to Canada in a Bronfman fully funded fellowship on Asian affairs. To marry my dear Reform Jew, I annulled the Nazi birth certificate right here in the Czech embassy for a new. This in itself is worth exhibiting.

    I am retired from the federal public service where I served in the government in Multiculturalism Canada. I had the privilege to be one of the key senior officers to help prepare the historic Canadian Multiculturalism Act for parliament’s unanimous approval. I full live this Canadian multicultural way of life with our blessed adopted aboriginal daughters to truly be Canadian..

    My dear wife Cindy took e the first Quebec education lead and then nationally to pioneer the very first bilingual teachers guide at the elementary level “Start Up Multiculturalism” that was 100% funded by Multiculturalism Canada right from H.Q Ottawa. It indeed was a success from Montreal onwards and even overseas. Yes, as a Canadian Jew who fully thrives in diversity she made a full contribution to intercultural, inter-racial and inter-religious diversity that is fully lived and encouraged through education.

    I there is an interest to expose this on the 2017 Exhibit, please do intact and I will pass you on to my dear wife who should be dully recognized by this historic contribution in education.

    Roman (613) 739-3887

  2. Roman Mukerjee says

    Shalom, Happy Hannukah

    Hope you got my feedback and the offer to exhibit the very first multiculturalism in education teacher guide that was bilingual published to be a Canada wide model. My Jewish wife was the pioneer to introduce multicluturalism as part of Language Arts, Social Studies and in Moral and Religious Education. Yes she gained national recognition for this contribution that was funded by the federal Multiculturalism Canada and Quebec Department of Education. Indeed historic.

    Hope you get in touch with my wife, Cindy Bailey 254 Westvalley Private, Ottawa, Ont K1V 2B6 – (613) 739-3887.



  3. Roman Mukerjee says


    Awaiting your feedback, to bring in the new year. The proposal I made is pioneering work by a Jewish teacher in multiculturalism in education. She was the very first Canadian teacher to bilingually publish the unique elementary school teacher’s teacher’s guide to multiculturalism in education. This historic contribution cannot be ignored in the exhibit. She has gained the holocaust Teachers award in Ottawa and travelled across Canada to introduce this initiative, with federal government support from Multiculturalism Canada. She also received special recognition from the Ministry of Education in Quebec.

    • says

      You would probably have more success in getting a response from the exhibit organizers by contacting them directly rather than by leaving comments on this article. The contact info is at the end of the article.

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