1. Abigail Fisher says

    Cantor Jason is one of a kind, a very special man with an equally special family. Look after him well, because in him you have pure gold. Tenach says, ‘Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm.’ It says, too, ‘He that toucheth you toucheth the apple of His eye.’ The Holy One is no man’s debtor, so if you treat him well you will be rewarded.

  2. Thomas Hillman MD says

    I agree with Abigail Fisher’s comments. Kehillat Beth Israel has procured a treasure. Keep and protect him as you would the Torah

    We at Beth Jacob Synagogue were fortunate to have had Jason for several years in the early 2000s. For the “regulars” who attended shul daily, as well as those who came just for Shabbat or Holy Days, Jason made every service as fulfilling as if it were the revelation at the foot of Mount Sinai or prayer at the Temple Mount.

    From the start it was obvious that he is a world class chazzan and performer, yet he is so down to earth. His secret is congregational involvement. His aim is to have every congregant participating in singing to Hashem. Only then does Israel fulfill its identity as a nation.

    Jason’s repertoire and capabilities are extraordinary. Although his preference may be for traditional/orthodox melodies, he is open to musical diversity and includes music from different denominations to keep services interesting and uplifting.

    Beth Jacob’s loss upon his departure was definitely someone else’s gain. Kehillat Beth Israel now has an absolute gem it its hands. I urge the congregants of KBI to support him in the most important way– by attending services. Do not deprive yourselves by not attending. Believe me, he will not disappoint you.

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