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  1. David Sims says

    If there was any justification for reissuing Hobson’s book (and judging from the information given in this brief article, I’d say there probably wasn’t), Corbyn should have made it clear in his introduction that the anti-Semitism in it was abhorrent. Furthermore, he should be making a much greater effort to rid the Labour Party of anti-Semitic members and ideas. I’d like to point out, though, that anti-Semitism historically has found many more allies in the ranks of the British Conservative Party and other parties of the right than in the Labour Party.
    Having said that, I still think that the Labour Party should be ashamed (among other things) of its betrayal of its own principles .
    I am happy that the Board of Deputies of British Jews has made it clear to Corbyn that it is gravely concerned about his writing an uncritical foreword to Hobson’s book and hope that he will find the courage to do what he needs to do and that the party will find its way back to its roots, which were anything but anti-Semitic.

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