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  1. Allan Sand says

    Mr. Moscovitz is entitled to his opinion on Trump and Trudeau; but facts speak truth to feelings and opinions. The fact is that Trump is Making America Great Again with respect to the employment rate for Whites, Blacks and Hispanics. He’s improved the economy by lowering taxes and removing anti-business regulations. America is on the path to energy independence and cleaner air with clean burning natural gas from fracking. He revamped the VA and is building up the military. Trump is moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. ISIS has been defeated and Syrians are moving back to their homes. And the list goes on and on http://www.newsweek.com/trumps-first-year-his-top-82-accomplishments-786130

    On the other hand Trudeau is on target for “the budget will balance itself” and “diversity is our strength”. In just 2 years Trudeau has managed to alienate small business with over-regulation and new taxes – so much for his promise to lower taxes on the middle class. Then there’s the 10.5 million payout to Omar Kadar; the court case against funding veteran’s pensions. Diversity is getting a boost from the influx of illegal US/Canada border crossings. Let’s not forget Trudeau’s constant reminders that Canadians are systemic racists, Islamophobic and Homophobic (M-103 and C-16). Say goodbye to pipelines and say hello to higher energy costs. But on the bright side we can look forward to that fleet of 30 year old fighter planes from Australia. And then there’s NAFTA, China, India and so many other ‘wins’.

    But your right on one thing, Trudeau can boast the best socks the Fake Media has ever seen.

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