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  1. Elly Dwinger Bollegraaf says

    Thank you for the well expressed article. I felt the emotional turmoil. My mother, stepfather, one sister and a couple of aunts and uncles with their children, including myself, are Holocaust survivors who managed to survive because we were hidden by brave and kind righteous gentiles, in The Netherlands. More than 80 % of our large extended family were murdered by the Nazis. This brutal fact and huge painful loss will always remain on our minds.

    I have a question: Does the book written by Magdolna Hercz have an ISBN number, and where was it published and by whom (self published I am told, and by her sons according to the Bulletin article by Jason Moscovitch.). I am asking this question because I am in the process of compiling a list of publications by Holocaust survivors who either live in Ottawa, or their children live here. Thank you.

    By the way, my mother wrote her Holocaust memoir, titled: “A Long Labour- A Dutch Mother’s Holocaust Memoir”, by Rhodea Shandler, and it was published in 2007, by Ronsdale Press in Vancouver. The book also very briefly covers my own experiences as a very young child.

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