1. Bernard Shinder says

    I knew your father as a kind man with a great wit and a wonderful sense of community. Saying Kaddish is a fine tradition that not only remembers the dead but affirms the living. More and more children are not saying Kaddish for parents. I think that this is sad–both for the deceased’s memory but for the kid. I said Kaddish for my father when I was 11–in the basement of the Adath Jeshuren shul on King Edward Avenue. I got to know the community and it got to know me. It taught me to daven, how to put on tephillen and what a great Kehillat the morning minyan can be. So, good for you. As you remember your parents so your children will remember you.

  2. Carol-Sue Shapiro says

    Irv, it was always such a pleasure to follow your Dad leading services at Agudath after my twin brother Alan passed away . I will never forget Joe’s infectious smile and how helped my brother with his vending business. ” May your Dad’s memory always be a blessing. He and your mom brought up three great sons and I am sure your dad and mom were very proud of you, Murray and Howie z’l.

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