1. beryl ben-reuven says

    nothing better then to have these memories and that you can learn as you did. Thanks for sharing your sorrow and your happiness. Lucky you were able to see her one last time. Hoping you will get to carry forward what you learned when your time comes to be a grandfather. Enjoy the day and the memories. Happy Birthday

  2. Elly Bollegraaf says

    How I loved the way Rabbi Chaim Medelsohn deeply expressed his inner feelings, and for the love he held for his bubby.
    Due to WWII, and the annihilation of the Jews by the Nazis, I never had an “adoring and faithful bubby” past age 2. However, I still hold on to the very significant memory of a most caring and loving aunt, who I cherished all of my life in the same way and for the same reasons as expressed by the rabbi, for his bubby. Thank you for your generosity of expressing your caring memories and thoughts.

    Elly Bollegraaf

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