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  1. Peter Morais says

    Dear Rabbi Morais,
    To my surprise, I came upon your resume — and later, this news of your move from Detroit to Ottawa — when looking up a cousin’s postal address online (he is also Robert). Initially I left a voice message introducing myself on what must be your former Michigan telephone line, offering to share what I know, which is considerable, about my family’s Jamaican ancestry, as well as the emigration from Florence and life in Philadelphia of the 19th-c. theologian and abolitionist Sabato Morais. I also got to know Sabato’s Florentine kin in the 1970s, lovely people who were certain they were the last Moraises in Italy (and had no descendants of their own. My email to you on these matters, sent to a “usa.com” address was returned, but I would gladly resend it if you provide a current one. My address appears above.
    — Peter Morais in Toledo, Ohio.

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