1. Frannie Greenberg says

    But you were the one at the helm of the OJCS high school that closed – why did you not implement this plan? You are currently in a leadership role at the OJCS – why do you not implement this plan? You seem to be placing blame for this situation on everyone else – parents, school administrations, and Federation – without accepting any responsibility yourself. You are not a victim here – you were an active (or, perhaps, inactive) participant.

    • Howard Finkelstein says

      I was not at the helm of the high school nor am I in charge of secular studies or head of school at OJCS. My position in both the high school then and the elementary school now was and is restricted to the Judaic departments. I am not blaming anybody, but commenting on a situation that merits attention. I do not write as a victim, but fought hard to keep the high school open. I am using whatever clout I have to impress on the powers that be that we have to seriously consider French immersion as an alternative in Jewish day schools. Thank you for your comments.

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