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  1. Diane S. Schmolka says

    I just read this report within the last hour. Because I’ve been confronting several health issues, I haven’t been watching much news, but I knew that some refugees were being sent out of Israel, and were suffering. From what news I’ve seen in the last week, there has been very little reported, no matter channel I watch. I’m shocked at what is happening in Israel, and have written to many of my friends and colleagues about it. I intend to share this report on my Timeline and in my Google circles.
    When I was much younger, (now in my 70’s), I marched in many Human Rights, Peace, Environment, etc. marches and rallies . I wrote to our governments on all levels, and really tried to help realize what we began in the 60’s. Although I feel downhearted at this moment, I believe that if we can all get together to create a message online uploaded on You Tube or something like it, with music, poetry, a little visual art, to convince Israel to make much better choices for the settlement and treatment of these refugees. Our ancestors were each and all migrants, immigrants, refugees, displaced persons, at one time or another. There have been many holocausts, and many diasporas……
    These new arrivals in Israel deserve to be given their Jewish home.

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