1. Jean-Pierre Petit says

    Today they were packing all the utensils, implements and show cases and aluminum bread stackers. 46 years of my life going to dust. I ate that dark and light bread loaves every day at breakfast freezing some always coming back. Then I will have only these words to meditate upon in my heart – there was a great famous humble Jewish bakery here, they had the best breads an cakes ever. Great humble hardy people allowed this to exist for 90 years. God Bless, Amen.

  2. Roslyn Brozovsky Wollock says

    From Annie Kardish Brozovsky – Bravo! to all the patrons of the Rideau Bakery who have shown such love and support, and who have shared such precious moments of nostalgia with the community. Thank you!

  3. Chaye says

    I agree with you Rabbi Chaim. dear son in law. Even I who moved from Ottawa after living there over 32 years. Rideau Bakery was part of the family.
    We will miss it when we visit. Ottawa is not the same. Hopefully Moshiach will arrive very soon and we will have Rideau Bakery in Yerusholayim

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