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  1. AC Dolgin says

    Wonderful to read that you found the Semer Ensemble such a moving and outstanding event. I do agree that it is a very special project. We saw them at Ashkenaz in Toronto in 2016, but would have gone to their concert again, had we not been in Calgary when they came to Ottawa… I did make a huge info. blitz of everyone I thought who would appreciate the concert, encouraging them to buy tickets, and was very satisfied that it was a ‘sellout performance’.
    Heard a number of kvetches about the fact that the concert took place in a church, and that there were way too many ‘speakers’ preceding the actual performance… I almost had to back people against the wall, for them to stop complaining and to admit: “yes, it was a great experience to hear the Semer Ensemble”! Oy. (Someone told me that they thought they heard one of the local speakers say that she had seen the group in Berlin, and personally invited them to come to Southminster, and that the invitation initiated their North American tour….?)
    Best to you

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