1. Judy Cohen says

    Justin Trudeau’s statement is not that surprising.
    If we recall that his late father, when prime minister, has refused to search for and prosecute the Nazis living in Canada who managed to get in under false identification and/or not have been properly scrutinized by the immigration officers at that time. What one learns at a father’s elbow!!!!

  2. Mickey Oberman says

    You may expect nothing better from Trudeau.
    That he reveres Islam is illustrated by his numerous appearances at Muslim celebrations and mosques in and out of costume, often on his knees.

    I hope he is never welcomed to any Jewish celebration or synagogue or honoured by any Jewish organization.

    As for his statement that Quebecois were superior to Anglos. That should have been warning enough that he is a pure laine (dyed in the wool) bigot.

  3. Gerry Tsuji says

    Trudeau’s omission may have been an inadvertent slip but it does betray a certain mindset and worldview. One of moral and cultural relativism and the desire to not offend anyone regardless of the offence.

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