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  1. Allan Sand says

    I believe the Canadian Digital Charter leaves the door open for the government to censor the media when it doesn’t like the message. Consider Charter item 8;
    Strong Democracy:
    The Government of Canada will defend freedom of expression and protect against online threats and disinformation designed to undermine the integrity of elections and democratic institutions.

    What does disinformation mean? How can the government defend freedom of expression while limiting ideas it considers disinformation? After reading Jason Moscovitz’s article, would Trump’s 10,000 lies be considered misinformation?

    Consider how Trudeau has tried to censor Judy Raybould Wilson and Andrew Scheer.

    Perhaps the USA did not participate in the Christchurch Code is because of the threat to it’s first amendment from high tech. Companies like Facebook and Twitter have been shown to censor conservative voices. Giving them more power to censor content would open the flood gates for electoral interference.

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