1. Alex Gutt says

    I’m so touched by this story. I Know Rabbi Chaim Boyarsky since he was a bachur in Yeshiva in Caracas Venezuela. He was already a power house a kindness machine. So happy for this well deserved news. Yesherkoach to all of the Ottawa community !

  2. Francine Lahm says

    Rabbi Boyarsky was a special soul when he was in NJ and that unique ability to spread warmth, encouragement and love remains! I’m proud of the Finkelstein’s acknowledgement of his character and this incredible project they have embarked on together! B’H.

  3. Jessica Strauss says

    I’m delighted to read this story. I’ve know the Boyarskys since I moved home to Ottawa and have been touched by Chaim, Yocheved, and their fabulous children. Yasher koach to all involved and to the Finkelsteins for having the vision and forsight.

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