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  1. Ilana Goldfarb says

    Great article Stephanie. I too am struggling this year to make Hanukkah “special and exciting” for my girls who are only two and a half. They see Christmas all around them form playgroup Christmas parties, to the giant Christmas display at Bayshore with adorable little children lining up to get pictures with Santa and my girls begging to go in and be a part of it all. Even trying to find Hanukkah decoration, games etc has been difficult as it seems we have been left out of most stores this year (thankfully you can order anything online these days). With both sides of our family being Jewish my children will not experience any part of Christmas festivities and I can see as the years pass they may feel a bit like an outsider this time of year. So as a family we will continue to work hard to make Hanukkah and all Jewish celebrations for that matter festive, meaningful and most of all fun. Hey I may even go out and buy a Mench on a Bench this year. Happy Hanukkah!

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