1. David Kardish says

    It is too bad there is not a “none of the above” box to be checked off on the ballot because when one reads the political reasoning for denying the inequality in funding all public education to the exclusion of the Catholics our taxpayer money is wasted. Community is built and founded upon respect,understanding and tolerance and when politics and electability become the focus then our children are really the ones that suffer and that is the tragedy….it creates divides and differences that could be bridged…our community suffers.. so sad.

  2. Dani Schwartz says

    Having read about your interviews with the four parties, and followed this election closely, I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I am in each and every candidate and each and every leader of each and every party. There is not one party I have any desire to vote for. So if I hold my nose and vote for “the lesser of three or four evils” I will still be voting for an evil.

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