Municipal committee approves new eastern Jerusalem housing

JERUSALEM (JTA) – A Jerusalem municipal committee approved housing units in Jewish and Arab neighbourhoods in eastern Jerusalem over the Green Line demarcating the pre-1967 borders.

The city’s planning and building committee on Sunday approved the future construction of 566 housing units in the Pisgat Ze’ev, Ramot and Ramat Shlomo neighbourhoods. Another 105 housing units were approved for the Palestinian eastern Jerusalem neighbourhoods of Wadi Joz and Beit Hanina, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat told Israel Radio.

The approvals, which start a long process that can take up to several years, were delayed from 2014, and then after being scheduled for a vote in December were further delayed, committee chair Meir Turgeman told Israel Radio, until the end of the Obama administration and the inauguration of U.S. President Donald Trump, who is perceived by Israeli leaders as more supportive of settlement construction.

Barkat told Israel Radio he hopes that thousands more housing units in Jerusalem will receive approvals over the next year.


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