1. Jan Makkinje says

    I, Jan Makkinje, would like to thank Arlene Weisberg for making this all possible in Ottawa.
    I did not realize that not only the 8-persons family Veffer, but a lot more relatives were saved alsso.

  2. Edward Biggs says

    In the Forest Lawn Legion in Calgary we have a small room where people can leave books . I happened to find a well-read copy of your story. the book had started out in the Turtle Mountain school district, remember the Frank slide. Anyway I had served in Germany and visited Holland many times, including the Anne Frank museum. I wonder how many others made it to the liberation while in hiding. I also think a few more people would have been saved if Canada had a different leader at the time. I think Canada is a better country for having accepted your family. All the best to you. Edward Biggs

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