1. Elly Bollegraaf says

    Wonderfully explained, and Patrick Mascoe has brilliantly managed, through the years, to present David to his Grade 6 students, so that they could learn and benefit from him. Warmth and kindness was instilled in the students who were fortunate to be in these get-togethers.

    David was a very lovely and kind human being who through his self deprecating ways was able to tell what happened to him, to all age groups, thus frequently also supplemented the regular Grade 10 History classes with his personal story, and, his story has positively impacted on many thousands of students for the betterment of humanity, in many localities in Canada.

  2. Bea Deen says

    Thank you Pat for a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man! Anyone who generously resells the experiences of the horror of the holocaust deserves to be honoured by all of us! For those who have survived and are still alive the suffering never truly ends. His long life is a testament to the power of good over evil.For David Shentow the war is finally over.
    We are thankful for this life and also to Pat Mascoe who does so much to foster peace and love in this world.
    One special person paying tribute to another is something to celebrate.
    Our prayers will join with others at the ceremony tonight.
    Blessings on everyone.
    Bea & Naz

  3. Roger and Gloria Wright says

    Our dearest, Patrick,
    Your article on David, was extremely well done, and very inspiring.
    David was a remarkable Human Being. To survive all the obstacles, which he overcame, is an inspiration for Everyone.
    I am sure that Rose, was instrumental in his desire ,to continue on the journey of Life.
    We had the privilege, to heard David speak on a number of occasions, and each time we were totally overcome with gratitude.
    David was such a humble Person.
    Thank you, Patrick, for sharing your wonderful experiences, and personal relationship with David.
    Our warmest wishes, for your continued success.
    Roger and Gloria

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