1. Arnoldo E. Levín - Córdoba - Argentina says

    Córdoba, May 30, 2015

    Hello Mr. Diener:

    I know that my great grand mother Sora (Sarah) Shnaiderman, wife of Meir Levín (around 1840’s/1850’s) was born or lived in Zhvants or Khotyn, in the Dniester border (Ukraine or Bessarabia – Moldava). Have you Zhvants Cementery burials list, or reports or history books about these places ..?

    My Levin grandfather, named Shamuel (born in 1869) married around 1860 with Jana (Claire) Voyzik from Tulchin, and 1905, they went to Argentina.

    Thanks, and Shabatt Shalom,

    Arnoldo E. Levín

  2. Kristie H. says

    Hello, I have heard that the name Deener is the Americanized surname for Diener. Would you happen to know if this is true, or how I can find out? Also, is Diener a jewish surname?
    Thanks, Kristie H.

  3. Verna Diener Townsend says

    My name is Dienner whose ancestors are from Alsace Lorraine FR. I have an ancestor born 1779, named George Dienner whose father disappeared at the time of his birth.
    My aunt and I suspect that he may have been from Ashkenazi Jewish heritage. Can you tell me about the Jewish community during those years (1760-1778) in Alsace Lorraine?
    Any information would be appreciated.
    Thank you. Verna Diener Townsend

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