1. David Kardish says

    Kol Hakavod to the memberships for having the courage and wisdom to pursue the building of COMMUNITY by coming together. This amalgamation will carry on the legacy of our forefathers and we will add more cornerstones to the building and insure the future for generations to come. The next step is just as important and that is the healing and coming together to break bread,pray,study and socialize…the sooner the better!
    Our “New Shul” will now be in a better position to show how Ottawa can learn from the Pew Report and move forward in opening the tents and inviting the Community to join us.
    Yasher Koach!

  2. Michael Yonatan Curry says

    Congratulations to all involved.

    This is a major event in the history of the Ottawa Jewish Community. However, the scientist in me was puzzled by the high number of spoiled ballets in the Agudath vote which is signifigant from a statistical perspective and in Scientific research would have prompted some analysis.

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