1. Michael Cutler says

    Dear Chazzan Kraus,

    You are an amazing beautiful human being. Your voice is equal to your beautiful humanity. I have always loved you and so did my late Parents, Yvonne & Max Cutler. I will always be your Barmitzvah boy from the Oxford Shul, Johannesburg, which was on 10th October 1964. Your voice is like a shining star in heaven that beacons around the world forever. When you and Rivka met Michele, my wife a few years ago, she knew well in advance of who she was going to meet, including Rivka, who we both love as well, including you. Michele & I wish you and Rivka many more years together of good health, mazel and nachus. We will never forget you both.

    Shalom and Love, Michael Cutler

  2. Frank H. Scheme says

    We were very fortunate to be Moshe and Rivka’s neighbours in Ottawa, for many years. They talked to us about Moshe’s Holocaust survival at Bergen Belsen as well as global travels as a cantor. Lovely people. I was honoured that Moshe chose my photo for the cover of his book.
    Knowing them both has enriched our lives. Long life dear Moshele and Rivka!

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